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Interested in finding out the right procedure to repair or uninstall QuickBooks Desktop 2022? If yes, then make sure to read the segment till the end. The new upgrades might be accompanied by some sort of setbacks and might bring a repair message with QuickBooks desktop 2022. This is when the user might have to perform the right set of steps to repair and uninstall QuickBooks. The user will have to for the next tab on the pop-up message and then start with the repair process. Once the repair process ends, the user will have to hit finish tab. To know more about reinstalling and repairing QuickBooks desktop 2022, make sure to go through this post till the end. Or the user can also contact our QuickBooks Enterprise Support professionals using our toll-free i.e.  +1-844-405-0907.

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Steps to Repair QuickBooks Desktop 2022

Before the user performs the steps to repair QuickBooks desktop, it is very much important for the user to note that only a windows admin can carry out the steps to repair the software. Repairing the software resets it to the default installation state without any added updates. If the automatic updates option is enabled, then the software will download the updates on its own. If not, the user will have to perform the update procedure manually. This can be done using the steps below:

  • The very first step is to move to the help menu
  • After that select the update QuickBooks option
  • The next step is to restart QuickBooks after the download process ends 

Do you have to uninstall the current or earlier version of QuickBooks?

Well,  the answer to this common question is that the 64-bit systems have been in the market for a while now, and they definitely work smoothly with the 32- bit versions of QuickBooks. However, if for some reason the user get stuck due to this, then the user can uninstall the previous versions. Installing multiple QuickBooks desktop version on one system is not an issue,  so if the user isn’t facing any sort of compatibility issues,  then he/she can keep the multiple versions.

An example for the same can be as follows. A user might have a 32-bit version of QuickBooks and then choose to uninstall 64-bit QuickBooks desktop, then some of the files might be affected.

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For 32-bit version of QuickBooks desktop uninstall QuickBooks desktop 2022

After the uninstall process ends, the user would be asked to repair the older QuickBooks version. In that case, the user should choose the finish option and let the uninstaller complete the repair of the 32-bit version of QuickBooks. It is suggested that do not cancel the repair or the next time when you will open QuickBooks, you might get a waring message about missing installation files.

Note: if you have automatic updates turned off, then you will be required to manually update after the repair.

Just in case you keep QuickBooks desktop 2022 and remove a previous 32 bit version of QuickBooks desktop.

  • When the user is able to uninstall the older QuickBooks version, he/she should open QuickBooks desktop 2022.
  • And then repair QuickBooks and also choose continue tab to proceed with the QuickBooks desktop 2022 repair.

It is essential to note that if you have automatic updates turned off, then you would have to manually update after the repair.

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Final Words…

By the end of the article, it is expected that the reader might be able to successfully repair or uninstall QuickBooks desktop 2022. However, if for some reason the user isn’t able to repair or uninstall QuickBooks successfully, then in that case contacting our Tech Support professionals at  +1-844-405-0907. We are a team of technically sound QuickBooks professional who work round the clock to provide best possible support services instantly.


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